???????????????????????The healthcare industry relies on an endless variety of medical devices to assess patient wellbeing – weight scales, thermometers, blood pressure devices, heart rate monitors, glucometers and oxygen monitors just to name a few. These devices work as individual units, measuring only one aspect of patient health and caregivers piece together data to get a complete picture of overall health. Modern healthcare IT systems have improved and simplified this task?????? by aggregating, visualizing and managing patient data on web-based medical platforms. M2M technology and the expanding Internet of Things (IoT) are taking this one step further by leveraging mobile technology and enabling devices to automatically send real time data to back end IT systems via wireless networks. Known as mHealth solutions, this technology is transforming the medical industry enabling new services, improved care and significant time and cost efficiencies. ???

Transforming Healthcare with Gemalto Cinterion M2M Solutions, Services and Platforms


Gemalto's Cinterion M2M solutions, services and platforms enable secure wireless connectivity that allows medical devices to collect information from virtually any medical device or sensor and send it in real time over cellular networks to backend systems. Doctors and healthcare providers log on to secure a web portal where they can view consolidated data in easy-to-understand formats.  mHealth solutions can also be configured to send updates and alerts via smartphone and SMS messaging and even make voice calls when emergency intervention is required. mHealth applications based on Gemalto's leading edge Cinterion M2M technology are powerful tools to enable more efficient and effective care that is helping improve outcomes for patients and healthcare providers alike.   ?

Gemalto's unparalleled Cinterion M2M product portfolio serves all health market requirements - from small and powerful M2M modules used in discreet wearable devices, to embedded secure elements that protect sensitive medical data, to scalable platforms that securely connect patients, caregivers and healthcare providers in real time. In addition, Gemalto solutions adhere to the strict security, compliance and confidentiality standards required by the healthcare sector.

New Services and Business Models

Gemalto enabled mHealth solutions provide answers to challenges faced by modern healthcare systems. Just as smartphones and tablets have transformed consumer lifestyles, mHealth is improving patient care, enabling shorter hospital stays, saving time and promoting healthier lifestyles with innovative solutions including:

  • Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) solutions that extend the reach of homecare systems to anywhere cellular coverage is available. mHealth AAL systems offer support to people with Alzheimer's, autism and special needs by monitoring vital parameters outside the home and allowing for faster reaction times and easy hands free calling when help is needed.
  • Remote disease management solutions that help control chronic conditions such as sleep apnea, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity with continuous monitoring and two-way communications with healthcare providers.
  • Wearables fitness trackers that improve management of overall wellness and health habits
  • Telehealth hubs that automatically collect and consolidate disparate data from a variety of medical devices and send it to backend healthcare systems ?


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